Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Scribble Scrabble Placemat

Ok. So I told you guys that I would post my placemat once I had it done, and now here it is! It's actually already in the shop on the Thanksgiving table with all the other fun, beautiful table settings from the other Design Team members - so if you want to go see it in real life, then you know where to find it :)

And now, on to our project of the day... First, gather your supplies. For this placemat, you'll need a sheet of cardstock, as well as multiple coordinating strips of patterned paper. Scraps work especially well for this. And my favorite part - those strips of paper on the bottom of your patterned paper that have the paper title, company, and SKU numbers? Many companies are now making one side of that strip usable, and lucky for us, the Scribble Scrabble line is one of those papers with a usable strip!

Take your spiffy Tim Holtz ruler with all the holes in it (If you don't already have one, you NEED this ruler. It makes measuring equal spaces for brads so very easy. Let Christy know if you want one! They're wonderful!!!)...Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah, mark some dots on your base paper at equal distances. I marked mine about every inch across the entire width of the paper.

Now take your trimmer and cut lines across the base paper, starting at each dot that you've marked. Make sure you leave about an inch on both ends so that you have a good support for your weaving.

Next, cut several strips from your other patterned papers. Depending on the look you want, you can either cut them the same width, or vary the widths. It's all up to you.

And now it's Back to School Time. Remember Weaving 101 in elementary school? We're going to have a refresher course. Weave one strip at a time through your base paper. Over. Under. Over. Under. Over. Under.

As you finish weaving a strip, smoosh it to the edge next to the previous strip. The closer you smoosh a strip to its neighbor, the tighter your weave will be. If you want a loose weave, just don't smoosh the strips too tightly.

And here's the backside. See the SKU and company codes on the strips? Love when I get to use every inch of my patterned papers.

After you finish weaving all your strips and smooshing them together, use some adhesive to tack the loose ends down. Next, trim off about 1/4 inch from each side and mount on your cardstock.

And here's the full place setting! Blessings can. Name card. Napkin ring. And placemat. Remember that you can find the whole collection, as well as the gorgeous patterned papers and stickers, in the store.

Happy Crafting!
- Cori

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